Welcome to the Percussion Page!

We are excited to invite you to join us this season! The percussion staff is excited to get drumming. We ask that you walk into every single camp as prepared as possible.

For those not able to make an in person audition, here are the instructions for how you can send us a video audition.

To audition, follow these steps:

  1. Register at https://columbiansdrumcorps.org/2022-signup/
  2. The confirmation email will discuss how to pay the $40 audition fee to get your audition materials.  You can pay the audition fee here.
  3. Practice and prepare your audition (*see specific video instructions below)
  4. Record and upload your audition video to Youtube and email the link to your audition to percussion@columbiansdrumcorps.org

If you have questions, please email percussion@columbiansdrumcorps.org

Specific Video Instructions:

  • All exercises should be played with a metronome that is clearly heard in the video
  • Battery should be marking time in video

What to include in the video:

  • Give a brief introduction with your name and past musical experience
  • Play four exercises of your choice from the audition packet