Welcome to the Percussion Page!

We are excited to invite you to join us this season! The percussion staff is excited to get drumming. We ask that you walk into every single camp as prepared as possible.

Your first step to becoming a Columbians is to Register for 2020 on our main page.  Once you register, you’ll receive the audition materials.  Depending on whether you are interested in Battery (Drumline) or the Front Ensemble, please find the warm-ups that apply to your instrument of choice.

We ask that you become well versed with each of the exercises at a number of tempos – starting off slow and working up to faster tempos in small increments. We will not have a proper audition process (one-on-one), but will work in an ensemble setting (Battery and Front Ensemble separately).

We will also be doing visual assessments with the entire group, and ask that you come prepared with athletic shoes and shorts/pants and are ready to move at any time. Feel free to e-mail any of us if you have any questions, at percussion@columbiansdrumcorps.org

Prepare hard, good luck, and we will see you at our next camp!