The Friends of the Columbians (FOTC) exist to give financial and volunteer support to the Columbians Drum & Bugle Corps located in Tri-Cities, Washington.

The Columbians is a youth activity in the world of competitive drum and bugle corps which is an intense, choreographed musical experience staged on football stadium fields by students achieving high levels of excellence in performance. Through the drum and bugle corps experience, young people develop life skills including self-discipline, teamwork, and leadership.

Who is a ‘Friend’?  Parents of current members, alumni members, parents, friends and family of alumni, community members . . . basically anyone can be a Friend to the Columbians!

We assist with food services, fundraising, registration, transportation, and uniforms so the creative staff can give their time and talent to offer quality education to the youth of this corps.

Are you an alumni looking to donate financially? Head on over to the Donors page to learn more about how to help the corps raise funds for their upcoming season!

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (FAB – Friends Advisory Board)
Executive Board
Tom Zarate, President
Steve Howland, Vice President
Kathy Crowner, Recording Secretary
Kim Brown, Treasurer

Coordinators and Leads
Food Team, Dani Smart and Valerie Mohr
Fundraising Coordinators, Heather and Jason Vogel
Housing Coordinator, Celinda Zarate
Registration Coordinator, Sandi Howland
Uniform Coordinators, Celinda Zarate and Jonie Donovan
Volunteer Coordinator, Harley Brown
Merchendise Coordinator, Maria Allan
Members at Large, Randy Bjur, Heather Engelmann, Jeff Smart

The FAB meets at 6:00 PM on the Wednesday before each camp.

The general body will meet at least once each year, keep posted for any upcoming meetings.

Upcoming Events