Drum Corps Needs

I hope most of you got to see the Columbian’s awesome show, 1942, this season. Just three years back on the DCI competitive scene and we were 3rd in the country in Open Class at the time we ended our season! The corps is growing and improving each year. We are excited where they are going and to have our supporters with us along this exciting ride. We heard so many comments from our fans and those of other corps who said “you need to go farther”, “take that show to finals”, “keep going, don’t stop.” But, that takes funds. We are a member funded corps and we can’t go farther unless we raise fees, which would prevent a lot of the current members to not to be involved. Our supporters do a great job in filling in the holes to help us be solvent and we truly appreciate every dollar and applause. We can’t do what we do without you. That said, if we want to go farther and not lose the members we have (or continue to grow) we need to find some corporate funding and/or donations to help with the big things like . . .

  • Uniforms, ours are hand-me-downs that were years old when we received them, if we get much bigger, we won’t have enough for all the members) – about $60,000
  • Guard equipment – flags, poles, sabers, more rifles – about $10,000
  • Souvie trailer (preferable a low deck or one that opens to sell from) – right now we haul with a pick up truck and if we want to make more $$ we need more product, which we need a trailer to haul it with – about $15,000
  • Food, one of our largest expenses is food, if we could get a store to sponsor us and donate a good amount of product, that would be great, or food companies like LambWeston to donate potato products . . . and I am sure there are other ideas out there. – about $15,000
  • Percussion – the on going need of drum heads, sticks, mallets, front ensemble equipment, etc. – $10,000
  • Horn repairs – $2,000
  • Gas for tour – $10,000
  • Busses for tour – $55,000 – if we want to go farther than the NW
  • Fundraising help . . . anyone good at knocking on doors, shaking hands and making friends
  • Volunteers, to help with chaperones, food prep, fundraising, drivers, uniform fittings, housing host families and much more . . . for this you can contact Harley Brown and get hooked up . . . his e-mail is

Click on the button below to give any amount you choose. Every dollar helps the corps and helps us get closer to winning this challenge. Thank you very much for your support!

Capital Campaign

Being a re-emerged corps (since 2013), we have many needs for instruments, vehicles, uniforms, trailers, Flags, show equipment, etc.  We need your help to launch us to the next level.  Below are some needs we are working towards obtaining.

Horns – 56 piece Jupiter horn line: $50,000

A Friend of the Columbians has donated the initial fifteen thousand dollars toward the purchase of an almost new (Jupiter) horn line. This donor has agreed to underwrite the corps purchase of the entire 56 piece horn line but we need you: friends and alumni to pay for the instruments.

Equipment Trailer: $3,000
Flag Equipment: $5,000
Percussion/Front Ensemble Instruments:  $10,000

BBC CLUB-Bob Boothe Crashers Club

This club was created in memory of Bob Boothe, a Columbians Alumni, to raise funds for crash cymbals for the current corps. The Columbians need approximately $1050 for 3 cymbals.  To be in the club, donate $10 or more and you’re in.

Linda Allan
James Blair
Harley Brown
Mathias & Nancy Gargus
John Moore
William Reinhardt
David Roberts
Shammie Girls
Alan Taylor
John Yale
Ann Zimmer


Welcome to the Friends of the Columbians SHIELD CLUB, our annual membership program.

Joining the FOTC SHIELD CLUB will give you access to exclusive benefits and insider information on the Columbians. The SHIELD CLUB is open to all who wish to provide annual support to our programs that help the Columbians achieve its mission to be the recognized leader in music and movement education for young people in Mid-Columbia.

Benefits Donor Basic C-Note Patron Supporter Bronze Shield Silver Shield Gold Shield Platinum Shield
$25 – $49 $50 – $99 $100 $100 – $249 $250 – $499 $500 – $999 $1000 – $2499 $2500 – $4999 $5000+
Member eNewsletter X X X X X X X X X
Acknowledgement on Website X X X X X X X X X
Show T-shirt (1) X X X  X
Pre-Tour Show Invitation X X X X X X X
Benefit Concert Tickets 2 2 4 4 4 4
Car Window Cling X X X X X
Tickets to local DCI Show 2 2 4 4 4
Business Link on our Website X X X X
End of Season Reception & Awards Banquet Tickets 2 4 4 4
Presentation of Award at Banquet X X X

Platinum: $5,000

Gold: $1,000 – $2,499

Jim DeVine (2015)

Silver: $500 – $999

John Moore – Rifles, in memory of Jack Sluder (2014)

Bronze: $250 – $499

Diane & Scott Call (2013)

Patron: $100 – $249

Basic: $50 – $99

Donor: $25-$49

We are proud to report that every dollar donated is applied directly towards providing our members with a life changing experience through marching arts.



Come experience the excitement and become a C-note club member today!

High C-Note Club 2016

Jim Devine
Ronald Phillips

C-Note Club 2016

Kathy Bacon
Jim Blair
Timothy Gray
Steve Haney
Jeffrey Jumper
Jerry Larson
Jerry Logan
Vic Mahon
George O’Neal
Robert Riemath
Dave Roberts
Alan Taylor
Thomas Wells
John Yale

Donors 2016

Tammy Allan – Allan Insurance
Harley Brown
Carol Clupny
Steve & Sandi Howland
Lisa Schrock

C-Note Club 2015

Douglas Bartha
Jim Blair
Michael Clancy
Jim Devine
Timothy Gray
Joe Hedrick
Jeffrey Jumper
John Moore
Garth Rettinghouse
Dave Roberts
Lisa Schrock
Alan Taylor
Thomas Wells

C-Note Club 2014

Doug Bartha
Jim Blair
Leslie Breckel
Harley Brown
Debi Ferrell
Mathias & Nancy Gargus
Tim Gray
Jeffrey Jumper
Jerry Logan
John Moore
Bob Riemath
David Roberts
Alan Taylor
Thomas Wells

C-Note Club 2013

Jim Blair
Leslie Breckel
James and Chritine Devine
Deborah Ferrell
Timothy Gray
Joe Hedrick
Jeffrey Jumper
Jerry Larson
Jerry Logan
Vic Mahan
Ann Mateo
John Moore
Robert Riemath
David Roberts
Alan Taylor
Barry Taylor
John Yale

Spirit of the Columbians Scholarship Fund

Robert Riemath
Charlie Thompson (in memorial)



Almond Orthodontics
Anderson Dental
Anderson Law
Jennifer Aujero
J. Andrew Bagley
W. Ryan Bagley
Lolita Bailey
Kathy Byrne
Ray Camponmanes
Evelyn M. Cates
Pam Cleaver
Dave & Jan Coombs
Diane Erdmann
Express Employment
Jodi & Russ Foisy
John & Joyce Gullickson
Rachel Heaton
Terri Jackson
Hughes Physical Therapy
Mary & Richard Humphreys
Tom Keiss
Linda Lewis
Lifetime Dental Care
Richard Nelson
Jean Nichols
Nathan, Emily & Liem Nievaard
Chuck O’Brien
Liam O’Brien
Ostler Orthodontics
Rob & Christina Palmer
Shellie Schultz
Paul Schmidt
John & Patty Severns
Richard & Anna Stitzer
Uptown Vision Center
Adrianna Westman


Mary Adkins
Ken & Susan Barnhart
Kevin Barnhart
John & Pam Beedle-Gee
Jeff and Jodi Bast
Bette and Mike Brightman
Lawrence Cacchioti
Brandon Campbell
Traci Caves
Central Valley Glass Inc
Linda DeHart
Mark/Rose Dufault
Mike Engelmann
Wanda Frazier
Ron & Jerilyn Gerhardstei
Douglas and Susan Heaton
TJ and Katie Inions
Mike and Kelli Keen
Linden Kimbrough
Tom and Pat Martin
James Mason
Mary Ann Meeks
Ruth Murray
Dennis Nemeth
Jean Nichols
Nathan and Emily Nievaard
Chuck O’Brien
David/Shellie Schults
Mrs. Stoddard
Andreas Stollar and Nellena Beedle
Carla Stummbrokaw
Jeff Trammell
Kevin and Brandi VanDeBrake
Cathy Wastradowski
West Valley Band Boosters


Jeff & Jodi Bast
Lawrence Cacchiotti
Traci Caves
Bill Cowles
Linda DeHart
Billy & Pamela Hutchins
TJ & Katie Inions
Larry & Mary Ann Meeks
Dennis & Karen Nemeth
Rodney Stoddard
Jeff Tammell
West Valley Band Boosters


Merlon and Lois Alcorn
Ronald Garland
Kevin and Evelyn Grumbling
Richard and Patricia Reil
John Talbott


Don & Sarah Love – in memory of Bill Stitt (2016)
Jeffrey Jumper – in memory of Jimmy Dean and Charlie Thompson (2016)
Bob Riemath – in memory of Charlie Thompson (2016)
Steve Haney – 2015
James John Dean – 2013, 2015
Jack Sluder – 2013
Bill Stitt – 2015
Charlie Thompson – 2013, 2015

Would you like to donate to the corps? As a non-profit youth arts organization, we rely on the support of our community and fans of the drum corps activity. Please use the PayPal button below to show your support!