With the recent report of sexual abuse within the drum corps community, the Columbians Drum and Bugle Corps would like to say that we put the safety of our members, staff, volunteers, and all involved, as our top priority.  We stand with and support the victims of sexual abuse.

We take any and all safety issues seriously.  The Columbians not only abides by DCI’s Code of Conduct, but also has specific policies and procedures in place for not only members, but also for our staff and volunteers.  We require annual background checks for our staff and volunteers.  We will also take additional steps to ensure all staff and volunteers have reviewed our policies and procedures.

In addition, we have already started an open dialog with our staff to openly discuss how to handle sexual abuse and will also have discussions with our members.  Our Whistleblower policy can be found on our website at https://columbiansdrumcorps.org/whistleblower/ or by going to our website and clicking on Contact, then Whistleblower.

The Columbians will continue to review policies to ensure we put safety first.  We’ll review our policies and modify as needed to ensure the safety of our members, staff and volunteers is our number one priority.

I’d like to encourage members, parents, and anybody else who may have questions to feel free to reach out to Tom Zarate, Executive Director, or Steve Howland, President of the board of directors.

Thank you and RollOn!


Tom Zarate, Executive Director



Steve Howland, President of the Board of Directors


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